About DME


The year was 1982, and the focus was direct marketing. Visionary Mike Panaggio began a seven person agency, Direct Mail Express, in Daytona Beach, Florida. Today, DME Holdings employs a staff of over 500 people who focus on personalized cross-media communication strategies. DME serves fast-paced vertically integrated marketing environments with a focus on data-driven and results-oriented targeted communications. We are committed to developing technologies that achieve even greater relationship-building potential.

Who we are:


DME cultivates relevant customer relationships to establish a foundation – we learn your business, understand your customers, formulate your message and determine where best to communicate. We become an extension of your marketing team helping you identify challenges and opportunities for the optimal marketing mix.


DME leverages data, talent and technology to communicate highly personalized, data-driven marketing messages that are significant and timely, and more importantly, based on the latest industry research. From strategy and development to implementation, tracking and analytics – DME elevates your brand above the noise and sets it apart from the competition.

Brand Builders

Utilizing award-winning creative and relevant content, we communicate your brand story. From meaningful messaging that builds brand awareness to designs that can energize a community of new brand ambassadors; we drive positive engagement that sparks action.

Cross-Media Marketers

DME navigates the clutter and delivers customized, personalized content, specific to each communication channel, promoting interaction and connection. We are learners (and teachers) aiming to stay ahead of the game. We are constantly evolving and creating new personalized solutions that can help advance your business and drive sustainable, profitable revenue growth.

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